What Do I Need in my Hospital Bag?

We chatted for three hours over coffee on a foggy San Francisco morning. His bright eyes flickered as he told me about his recent hiking trip through New Zealand. I related, shared my own New Zealand travel stories, and fought the urge to imagine us rolling around in a large hammock off the shores of Papua New Guinea. I believed we would definitely see each other again and felt grateful to have met someone so easygoing.

Ten (Free) Things to do with your baby

You’ve had a baby and have gotten through the eating and sleeping phase. Your baby is awake and while you enjoy just staring deep into their eyes, they need stimulation (and so do you). As a first time mother, I learned so much. Everything was easier with my second because I knew a lot more. Even as an introvert, it is important to get out and stay busy so I’ve compiled a short list of ideas to keep life interesting. 1. Story time at the library The library is an amazing plac

What Do I Need in my Hospital Bag?

If you thought finding a significant other was hard, wait until you start mom dating. Some mothers are lucky enough to have friends with children around the same age but for the rest of us, we are stuck dating moms. Now, I have been dating for almost four years so it’s gotten a bit easier but for awhile, the struggle was real. Of all of the friends I have had for over ten years, I am the only one with children. This really put a strain on our friendships because our lives are