Why I Started LACH

My name is Kimberly and I am a mother of two beautiful children. LACH is an idea that came out of necessity. Read on to learn more!



About a year after my youngest child turned one, I realized that it may be time to get rid of my maternity clothing. I knew I was not going to have anymore children so I had no reason to keep my wardrobe. I went into full spring cleaning mode. Not only did I pull all of my maternity clothes, I also collected all of my children’s clothing. Once everything was in enormous piles, I was hit with a major realization. I realized just how little my children wore their adorable outfits before outgrowing them and the amount of money, my friends, family, and I spent on them. We all need clothes but it seems like such a waste!



This dress and cart cover are still in excellent condition!



My first thought was consignment. There were so many ways to do it but each had a flaw. Larger online consignment companies had so many categories I worried about whether or not my items would sell. Local consignment sales required way too much work between tagging and pricing each item and volunteering to work at the actual sale. I found that selling through social media was difficult because the only way to buy or sell was to know people in these active groups. It was all too confusing and time consuming. After realizing the hassle of these different channels, I decided there needed to be an app just for mothers. Enter LACH.



LACH is an app where mothers can find anything preloved, from maternity and children’s clothing to toys and accessories. We no longer need to scour the internet for places to buy or sell our babies' items, it is all in one place. The best part about LACH is the specialist program. Want to sell items but don’t have time or feel like listing? Work with a LACH specialist who will list items for you! Want to make extra cash? Sign up to become a LACH specialist. You will work directly with buyers by collecting and listing their items on the app. The benefit? Commission and gifts! Mothers helping mothers is the name of the game and everyone is excited to be a part off it. Join the LACH family today!

What Do I Need in my Hospital Bag?

I have a poorly kept secret. I overpack. I am that person who packs four pairs of underwear for a one night stay. Seriously, who needs that many pairs of underwear for one day? So it should come as no surprise that I overpacked for my hospital stay. Here’s a list of things I actually found useful during my two stays.


1) Music

2) Snacks (I honestly didn’t even eat any)

3) Comfortable change of clothes for going home

4) Robe

5) Socks or slippers

6) Two outfits for baby (in case of blowout)

7) Birth plan you probably won’t use

8) Toiletries (although most hospitals will supply them)

9) Phone charger


It isn’t a lot but you won’t be there very long. When it comes to your hospital bag, less is more. What did you bring when you gave birth?

Ten (Free) Things to do with your baby

You’ve had a baby and have gotten through the eating and sleeping phase. Your baby is awake and while you enjoy just staring deep into their eyes, they need stimulation (and so do you). As a first time mother, I learned so much. Everything was easier with my second because I knew a lot more. Even as an introvert, it is important to get out and stay busy so I’ve compiled a short list of ideas to keep life interesting.

1. Story time at the library


The library is an amazing place for you and your baby. Many libraries have children’s areas that include books, games, and various learning tools for your baby to explore. They also have story time. Story time is THE BEST. It is where you can meet other mothers while your baby experiences a fun and engaging time. The leader will usually read a story or two, sing interactive songs, and end with an unstructured playtime for babies to socialize. They take place at least once a week. Check with your local library.



2. Visit a park


Parks are great for exploring nature and gross motor movement. I loved visiting the park while children were in school because it allowed us to move around safely. The concern with bigger kids is that they aren't always mindful of babies and toddlers. Parks are a great place for babies to people watch and when they're a bit older, climb the structures. I allowed my children to climb at the playground as soon as they were able to crawl.



3. Try a Pinterest project

Now, we all can't be Pinterest moms but we can sure try! At best, you've created something amazing and at worst, a picture-worthy Pinterest fail. Either way, it’s a win. I love Pinterest. They have a lot of great ideas for keeping a baby, toddler, yourself, and anyone else you can think of busy. Some of the Pinterest activities I have tried have been perfect while others have been laughable. In the end, it has always been fun. Check LACH's Pinterest page here.



4. Go for a walk


Get some vitamin D! Fresh air is so important, especially as a new mother. Sometimes it can be difficult to just get out of the house but it is well worth it. It’s great exercise for mommy and stimulation for baby. Exercise is important for lifting your mood and providing an energy boost. Both of which you need most to help your sleep deprivation from night feedings or sleep regressions.



5. Find a mother’s group

Every mother needs a support system. This can come in the form of family and friends. Mother’s groups are great for socializing your baby AND meeting new mothers in your area. These groups will often have playgroups for various age groups, outings around the area, and nights out for just the mothers. These are especially crucial for recently relocated mothers but also for new mothers in general. I have found that experiencing your area as a childless person is very different than exploring as a mother. There are so many places and events I never knew about because they did not relate to me.




6. Have a picnic

Nothing you do with your baby has to be grandiose. They are easily amused and love spending time with you. Pull out an old blanket, pack some food for you (and baby if they are on solids) and head out to any place with grass. Enjoy the sun, people watching, food, and each other.



7. Try a mommy and me class

There are many establishments that host “mommy and me” classes. They have everything from yoga to music classes. These classes often offer a free trial class. Try them out, you have nothing to lose!



8. Indoor/Outdoor water play


Again, babies do not need grandiose activities. Water play is as simple as filling plastic food containers or really anything that holds water and letting them have at it. Outdoor water play is ideal but it can be just as fun in the winter when you place a shower curtain and towel under them in a non carpeted area.



9. Pull out the pots, pans, and wooden spoons

Time for jam session! Have your baby rock out with some kitchen beats. Babies love banging on things so why not let them?



10. Grocery shopping


There is so much to see at the grocery store and so much for you to say. You can point out colors, aisle numbers, names of food, and anything else. Depending on the time of day, it is also great place to meet other mothers.

Mom Dating



If you thought finding a significant other was hard, wait until you start mom dating. Some mothers are lucky enough to have friends with children around the same age but for the rest of us, we are stuck dating moms. Now, I have been dating for almost four years so it’s gotten a bit easier but for awhile, the struggle was real.


Of all of the friends I have had for over ten years, I am the only one with children. This really put a strain on our friendships because our lives are so different now. While I love all of my friends, I needed to find some “mom friends”. Mom friends are friends you can flake on at the last minute because your child is still napping, who understand that a wild night out is now going to a late dinner AND sitting at the bar, who patiently wait while you correct a wild child mid-conversation. Mom friends just get certain things and have a lot of patience because they are in the thick of it with you.


One day I made the decision to make a conscious effort to meet mom friends. There are phases in mom dating just like with dating a significant other. The first is introductions. You have to come up with a reason to speak to her without coming off as a creeper. Usually something relating to children, but again, nothing creepy. If she responds and you have a great conversation, you move into the next phase, “asking her out”. Somehow in the midst of this conversation you need to get her number and invite her out with her children. You may get lucky and she suggests it, but you may have to awkwardly ask. For me, it’s always in the middle of the conversation or at the end when she is literally walking away (because I couldn’t figure out an appropriate way to ask). Be prepared for rejection because it does happen. It was incredibly awkward when one woman told me to find her on Facebook (while quickly walking away) without giving me her full name. It happens and just means it wasn't meant to be.


After you exchange numbers, everything is much easier. You plan playdates, get to know each other, and if you really like them, “take them home to the family”, i.e. your significant other. You’ll know it’s love when you start planning things that include the entire family.


Some women will end up being lifelong friends, others will fizzle out and you’ll meet some interesting characters along the way.



One more thing…

If you’re more of an introvert, you could also use Peanut. This app is awesome. It’s like Tinder for moms. Upload pictures of you and your kids, add a bio, and find mothers like you in the area. You can swipe to meet or dismiss and if someone also wants to meet you, you will be matched and able to message!


Date on mamas!