About Us

About the Founder

My name is Kimberly Davis and I am a mother of two with a passion for saving money and the environment. After giving birth to my daughter Lena in 2016, I suddenly had a stroke. While recovering, I knew I wanted to make a difference in this world and never take life for granted again. When the idea for LACH came to me (an easy way to buy or sell preloved maternity and childrens items) I wanted to make it into a reality and create a useful space online for moms like me.

Why I Started LACH

Last year I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and started seriously cleaning out my closets. It had been almost two years since my youngest was born and I decided it was time to sift through the large bags of maternity clothes, baby onesies and toys I had stored away. I had so much clothing and other gear it was overwhelming! I thought about how much money my family and friends generously spent on these items that were new or almost new and how long my children wore or played with them. I also thought about how much more money we would have to spend and save as they grew and I knew there had to be a solution. Suddenly, the idea for LACH was born! LACH is for us moms who want to save money by buying preloved items and make money by selling them. We're also recycling and "sharing the joy" of things we've loved and enjoyed with other families.

How is LACH pronounced?

LACH is pronounced “latch”. As you know, this refers to what a baby does when he or she feeds (breast or bottle). The spelling comes from the first letters of the names of my children, niece, and nephew, so the name has a special meaning for me.

What makes LACH so amazing?

LACH is more than just a marketplace. On the site or on the app, mothers can connect and share the joys of parenting. For example, when you list an item to sell, please share the memory that makes it special for you. Was it the shirt your son wore when he took his first steps? A dress your daughter wore on her first playdate? Sometimes it can be hard to declutter but we find that sharing memories can make it a bit easier and much more fun!

We invite you to join the LACH community today. Welcome!